Meet Your Favorite Shopkins Characters

Tutu Cute

A little dress who loves to impress when she gets on stage with her tribe of Glitzy Dancers. She's not just a tutu, she's tutu cute!


No one sparkles more on stage than Tiara! She is the crowning glory of the Glitzy Dancers tribe.

Shades De’Ballet

Her tribe is so glitzy that this Shopkin has to wears shades! Shades De'Ballet has two eyes for style!

Polly Pointes

A little bossy and a very hard worker, Polly Pointes always leads her troupe of Glitzy Dancers during practice and keeps everyone on their toes!

Petite Petals

Petite Petals always gets a standing ovation when she appears on stage! She is the perfect finishing touch to any Glitzy Dance performance!

Pamela Camera

Pamela Camera captures all the action as her tribe puts on a shining show! She loves to be part of the Glitterarti!

Missy Makeup Case

Always standing back stage and ready for a quick touch up, Missy Makeup Case is ready to face the music!

Marabel Music Player

A little mover who has music wherever she goes! Marabel Music Player has thousands of songs stuck in her head!

Little Bow Bella

Little Bow Bella keeps everyone's hair in place while adding a touch of grace! Her glitzy wild style helps her friends shine on stage!

Kaila Keyboard

She's the key to the Glitzy Dancers amazing performances. Every note Kaila Keyboard plays sparkles across the stage and out to the audience!

Calista Cake

The sweetest member of the Glitzy Dancers tribe, Calista Cake is always there to celebrate with her cute troupe!

Betty Cassette

Betty Cassette love playing her favorite mixes to her tribe. Her retro tunes get everyone up and dancing. Just as long as she doesn't get tangled in her tape!

Zippy Lime Bag

A Little Shopkin who's a very cute bag of fruit! Zippy Lime Bag tends to keep a lot of things inside but opens up to her friends!

Strawberry Kiss

A day dreamer with a huge imagination and often away with the fairies. She's a sweet little Miss who's always ready with a kiss!

Stella Citrus Shoe

A shoe with a bit of a kick and a very sweet sole. Loves to step out with her tribe amongst the orchards!

Patty Pineapple Lamp

A light hearted little lamp, she's always tell jokes and lighting up the room with laughter. When it gets dark all the Grazed Fruits love to gather around her!

Nick Fruit Stick

A Shopkin with many talents and abilities! That's what happens when you are three fruits in one! With a never give up attitude, he has a plan and STICKS to it!

Melon Minutes

Any time is melon time! Melon Minutes loves watermelon. It's what makes her tick! She thinks there are never enough hours in the day to eat melons!

Lemona & Lima

Lemona and Lime are besties who always stick together! Their favorite hobby is Karaoke - They love to ZING together and never hit a sour note!

Judy Fruit Cake

With the wildest imagination and a head for crazy ideas, her friends think Judy is a bit of a fruit cake! And they'd be right!! She is a fruit cake!!

Fran Fruit Hat

You certainly have to take your hat off to this fruity Shopkin. She has a real head for stylish fruit arranging!

Bowla Fruits

A bowl lot of freshness, Bowla Fruit loves to be the center of attention on any table! She has a lot going on on top!

Bianca Banana

Bianca Banana is always appealing to be with. That's why the Glazed Fruit tribe love to have her as a member. She will bend over backwards to do anything for them!

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is a Shopkin with big dreams and kind to the core. She loves leading her tribe of Glazed Fruits on big adventures!

Yo Chi

Well cultured and different each day Yo Chi has great taste in friends. That's why her tribe is the Frozen Flakes!

Wynter Water Bottle

Always icy cold and very emotional, Wynter Water Bottle pours her heart out to her Frozen Flake tribe mates! When she's feeling empty, they fill her with love!

Snug Lee Ski Jacket

With extra cool Wild Style, Snug Lee Ski Jacket is the queen of the slopes. She's the warmest of all the Frozen Flake tribe.

Silvia Slushie

Sylvia Slushie loves watching sad movies. They make her go all mushy inside! She's always up for an adventure in the artic with her tribe!

Icy Cool Kids

Icy Cool Kids always stick together. They love to join in on all the games the Frozen Flakes play. They are a very competitive couple and think they can lick anyone!


You can rely on Blockey! Always rock solid he'll never let you down. He loves swimming. You'll often see him taking a dip in a cool drink!

Primrose Pancakes

If you are looking for a stack of love Primrose Pancakes is the perfect Shopkin to meet. However, she tends to flip out when she falls in love!

Marcia Heart Mug

You wont find a more warm hearted mug than Marcia Heart Mug. She's a tiny mug that's just waiting for hugs and she can handle a lot of them!

Lovely Hearts Teapot

This tiny teapot will make the a perfect cup of tea for you in a heartbeat! Lovely Hearts Teapot is great at making tea for two!

Love-Lee Handbag

Love Lee Handbag is always prepared for anything! Her heart is bottomless. Just when you think she can't fit another thing in, she opens her heart even more!

Karlee Candy Jar

A true holder of sweet hearts, Karlee Candy Jar is a favorite of the Heart 'n' Seekers tribe. She loves to share what she holds inside!

Honey Hearts

One of the sweetest hearts you will meet. Honey Hearts is a Shopkin with a message and that message is "BEE MINE!"

Cutie Compact

Cutie Compact loves to be ready so she can make sure her tribe is always looking beautiful. She may be compact but inside there is a huge heart beating!

Charmin Chocolates

A Shopkin overflowing with sweetness and charm. Charmin Chocolates loves to share with her Hearts 'n' Seekers tribe. Under her lid is a very giving friend.

Charlotte Heart Cake

A gorgeous little cake that's baked just for two, Charlotte Heart Cake love to bring people together. He ambition is to one day be a wedding cake. What a lovely dream!

Candy Kisses

A total sweetheart and a true romantic. Candy Kisses always delivers. Every day is Valentine's Day when he's around!

Candice Candle

A little heart who loves to flicker and gives off a romantic glow wherever she goes! She loves to bring old flames together!

Bubble Gum Sweetheart

Extra bubbly and always romantic, Bubble Gum Sweetheart feels so full of love she thinks she's going to pop!

Sunni Brim

A real Rainbow daydreamer! Sunni Brim loves to relax in the sun, and always keeps her cool even on the hottest day!

Rainbow Swirls

Colorful and cool, you couldn't dream of a smoother Shopkin. She's a little cup of gold that's icy cold!

Nicole Parasole

When it comes to beauty and style and keeping her friends dry Nicole Parasol has it covered!

Miss Pressy

Party time is all the time for Miss Pressy. She brightens up any party. She can't wait to be unboxed!

Lottie Lolly Jar

Buzzing with sugar, Lotti Lolly Jar gets so excited when she sees a rainbow, but she tries very hard to keep a lid on it!

Elain-Bow Shoe

When her tribe is chasing rainbows Elain-bow Shoe is always one step ahead of everyone else!

Color Cake

Full of dreams and wishes, Color Cake never tells what your wish is to make sure it will come true!

Celeste Rainbow Dress

Bright and beautiful, Celeste is a dress with so many bows, but her favorite bow to show is her colorful rainbow!

Soda Pops

Super bubbly and sweet, Soda Pops is always ready to party at the end of any rainbow!

Wanita Waffle

Wanita loves to waffle on about how sweet she is. She's a little Shopkin shaped like a heart who likes syrupy love stories!

Martha Choc Chip Muffin

There's nothing like a squishy muffin! Martha Choc Chip Muffin chips in to help whenever she can!

Lina Loaf

Smart, cleaver and never half-baked, Lina Loaf is the dough who knows! Always soft and fresh, everyone wants a slice of her knowledge!

Kookie Cookie

Shy and sensitive, Kooky Cookie is always willing to try new things and her sweet and squishy tribe love it when she takes a bite out of life!

D’lish Donut

Super sweet but with a competitive edge. She's always trying for the perfect hole in one!

Cookie Sue Flay

When it comes to being sweet and squishy, Cookie Sue Flay rises to the occasion! She's a cookie who likes to feel light!

Cheri Choc Chip Bread

Cheri Choc Chip Bread is a slice of the good life. Energetic and on the go, this piece of sweet bread never loafs around!

Camile Cream Cookie

Crunchy from top to bottom and with tasty cream in between Camile Cream Cookie may not look it but she's a real softy.

Bryce Cookie Slice

Super sweet and super nice - that's Bryce Cookie Slice. Squishy and delicious, this outgoing Shopkin is so nice you'll squeeze her twice!

Starry Unicorn Heels

A shimmery shoe who stars every time she steps out. Unicorn Heels is luckier than a horse shoe because she's a unicorn shoe and much rarer!

Rainbow Scent

A magical scent that shimmers and shines. Rainbow Scent loves searching for pots of gold at the ends of rainbows. She knows it makes scents!

Rainbow Glow

Rainbow Glow shimmers all night long and is never afraid of the dark. She is the perfect Shopkin to have by your bed so you can dream about unicorns and rainbows!

Eunice Unicorn Dress

Eunice Unicorn Dress loves to dress up and party with the Shimmering Unicorn Tribe! Her endless energy keeps her dancing till the next rainbow arrives!


Everything tastes better when it's sipped from Cupicorn! She adds a little bit of magic to every drink, especially if it's sparkling rainbow dewdrops!

Bling Unicorn Ring

Shimmering and mystical, Bling Unicorn Ring has always believed in Unicorns. Everyone in the tribe loves her name. It has nice ring to it!

Sweetie Scent

Luscious and sweet this Shopkin has a scent that shines. Glamour is in the air when she's around. It's the way she sprays!

Rowena Ring Box

With a precious heart, this glamorous Shopkin sparkles on the inside! Rowena Ring Box loves to open up to her closest friends and reveal her inner beauty!

Polly Polish

A fashion risk-taker who's always trying new colors and styles and nails it every time!

Lippy Zips

Lippy Zips knows all the tribe's secrets in Pawville. But don’t worry the secrets are safe - Her lips are sealed!

Lippy Lips

Sassy and stylish Lippy Lips sparkles when she gets together with her Glamour Gems tribe. Her names is on everyone's lips!

Kissy Kicks

"The heels are alive with the sound of kisses!"… Kissy likes to get her kicks by stepping out and shopping in the most stylish stores in Pawville!

Swirly Shirley

Swirly Shirley is a busy whizzy who's always in a spin. She's so handy when you need cotton candy.

Fluffy Buffy Shoes

Fluffy Buffy Shoes is a cuddly cutie who is so soft that she tickles her own sole every time she takes a step! Thank goodness she loves laughing!

Flossy Donut

When you can't get enough of the fluff, it's time to roll with Flossy Donut! She's a hole lot of fluffy and a hole lot of fun!

Cotton Top Cake

Cotton Top Cake's topping tops the lot! With swirls of beautiful curls, she's one stylish slice who tops off any Flocked and Fluffy party!

Cotton Candice Dress

It would be hard to meet a dress this sweet in any other tribe than the Flocked and Fluffy tribe! Cotton Candice Dress is "Pretty Puffy!"

Candi Cotton

Candi Cotton loves going to the carnival with her Flocked and Fluffy tribe! She never gets lost because she sticks close to her friends.

Spilt Milk

A bit of a klutz and a born risk-taker, and likes to stir things up!

Melba Milkshake

Melba Milkshake is a very fit Milkshake. She hits the gym every day and then jogs around the farm. By the end of it she is extra bubbly and ready shake on the world!


Gurty is a tub of fun who loves to spoon out happiness to everyone. She's a bit of a giggly Gurty!

Chester Cheesecake

Chester Cheesecake loves to whip up dessert for all the tribe. That's why he has the nickname - Mr Nice-slice Guy!

Carmen Le Crème

Carmen le Crème loves to live on a farm with her Dairy Wrappers. She calls it her "Field of Creams" Carmen is very bright - She's not as thick as she looks!

Audrey Strawberry Milk

A true favorite in the Dairy Wrappers tribe because of her sweet colorful looks, Audrey Strawberry Milk never looks plain.

Tiny Tops Cake

This cake tops off any occasion. They make a great team in crowded places. They can see above everyone!

Polly Cake Pop

A little pop cake who always sticks with her tribe! With her cute tiny spots, she's a "pop with the lot!"

Mitzy Oven Mit

This Shopkin can handle anything. She CAN stand the heat and is never out of the kitchen!

Jemima Cake Timer

A strict little Shopkin who doesn't like time wasters and late comers! But if you are punctual you'll always have a great time with her!

Holly Brolly Cupcake

A good friend to have around in any type of weather. She'll share her shelter with everyone!

Cupcake Crumbles

A sweetie who's the best of both worlds! This little cupcake always has cookies on her mind!

Cupcake Queen

Super sweet and the keeper of the peace in the Color Change Cutie tribe! Cupcake Queen is a cupcake dream!

Cupcake Chic

A pawfect little fun filled chic who's cup is always overflowing with sweet thoughts!

Cody Coco

Always ready with a warm welcome and loves spending some sweet time with friends!

Squeak Sweetie

A true romantic, Squeak Sweetie puts her heart into everything she does, especially when it comes to matchmaking! There’s nothing sweeter than when you meet her because she’s never afraid of saying “I Love You!” With her little Shopkin Wizzy Wheel They are always on the go!


With a Wild Style that brightens up even the dullest days, Mystabella is a Shoppie that everyone dreams about! You can only imagine how much fun she has when she gets together with her fantastic Shimmery Unicorn Shopkins - Cornelia Ice Cream and Mystic Wishes!


A little dough and a lot more nutty is what Donatina’s outfits have become since she arrived in Pawville! Her Wild Style is made for fun and her Shopkins - Coconutta Donut and Cronella Donut make sure her day is full of giggles.

Rainbow Kate

Rainbow Kate knows how to brighten the dullest days! Always offering a slice of advice and a slice of cake, her Wild Style creates smiles on everyone’s lips! With her sugar fueled Rainbow Dreamers - Raina Bowloon and Colorful Clutch, they make the hoppiest tribe around!

Valentina Hearts

Wild at heart and a Wild Style to match, Valentina Hearts has a look that everyone loves! And her little sweetheart Shopkins - Darcy Diary and Loni Locket are the perfect friends because their love never ends!

Lippy Lulu

With lots of gloss and a Wild Style that never misses, Lippy Lulu is busy blowing kisses with her Shopkins - Pouty Pullover and Kissandra Cap! Their mission is to help everyone sparkle with the perfect Wild Style pout!

Pippa Melon

Pippa Melon has a Wild Style that’s always fresh! She’s a natural when it comes to making new friends, and with her Shopkins JC Juicy Pop and Bek Backpack they just "Grow with the Flow!"


With Wild Style and grace plus a fluffy tail to chase, Pirouetta is always in a spin! She loves showing off her Wild Style on the dance floor with her Shopkins Bryony Brush and Bonnie Boom Box! Together they are the purrrfect Tribe on stage!

Candy Sweets

With sweet sugary swirls of cotton candy curls, Candy Sweets’ Wild Style is buzzing with cuteness! It’s no wonder her two favorite Shopkins - Candicake and Sweetie Sips follow her wherever she goes!

Peppa Mint

Cool stripes and a Wild Style that really roars! Peppa-Mint is a shy sweetie but when she's with her tribe of Frozen Flakes and her Shopkin Besties - Minty Sundae and Irma Ice Cream Cake, she’s ready to take on the world! Peppa-Mint's no longer afraid to show how she feels!

Mia Milk

Pure and good, Mia Milk’s Wild Style is as fresh as a daisy! She’s a smooth mooover who likes the simple pleasures of just chillin’ with her Shopkins Ms Cheese and Indie Ice Cream! But every now and then they like to shake things up!


Jessicake is “bakin’ it happen” with her Wild Style! With a look that’s easy to spot, she loves to gather her Color Change Cuties - Celine Cupcake Shoe and Cupcake Fashionista for a cupcake picnic in Pawville's park!

Snow Fro

Smooth and chilled, Snow Fro never gets stirred up! She just likes to flake out and relax with her Shopkin Fluffy Snow Ball. These two are all chill and no thrill and that’s the way they like it!


Showing off her Wild Style on the dance floor is what Catarina loves to do! This little kitten is smitten with music! She sparkles with balance and grace. She’s always in tune with her Shopkin Jana Yarn Ball, and when they band together they’re hard to beat!

Sugar Swirl

Shy and sweet you wont hear a peep from this wooly cute Shoppet. Covered in sugary swirls, she’s a little sheepish but when you get to know her you realize that she’s a little lamb that you can really count on! Along with her Shopkin Netta Knit they are a couple that are wooly worth knowing!

Kitty Crumbles

“Ready to help whether you need it or not!” That’s Kitty Crumble’s motto! Overly eager, this Little Kitty loves to chip in with a helping paw! Together with her Shopkin Camila Cat Stand they fill their day performing good deeds. They’re a couple of cuties that are always on duty!

Rainbow Sparkle

Chasing her dreams over rainbow beams, Rainbow Sparkle’s energy makes magic happen! She gallops through the clouds sprinkling stardust over Pawville. With her Tribe of Shimmery Unicorns Rainbow Sparkle can make your dreams come true.

Bowdie Bear

Bowdie Bear wins ribbons for her bows! She knows how to tie them with style! From head to toe there’s a pretty bow. It's a Wild Style that make Bowdie and her Shopkin Honey Pots a pair beautiful belles!

Melonie Hops

Melonie Hops is never without a welcoming smile! With a personality that’s big and refreshing, she loves to serve up the sweetest juices and show you her Wild Style with her cute fruit Shopkin Melina Smoothie!

Bunny Bow

Full of bounce and buzzing with coloring, Bunny Bow is always on the go! Hoppy-go-lucky, she gets distracted by anything that’s cute, colorful or delicious! If you ever catch up with her you’ll find that she’s a fun bunny with a bright Shopkin - Carrota Cake!

Maisy Moo

Maisy Moo likes life in the slow lane! This Southern Dairy Belle doesn’t care for the latest ‘Must-have” gadgets. She prefers to mellow out in the meadows with Jersey Jug and her heard of Mooverlous Shopkins! You can’t beat a bit country charm from down on the farm!

Foxy Lemons

Foxy Lemons surrounds herself with the freshest sounds. Street-smart and clever, nobody can outwit this tricky Shoppet! She’s always mixing music for her Shopkin Leona Lemon Tree to make some juicy moves to. When she blasts out her Hip Hop beats, her tribe comes to the party!

Minty Paws

There’s never enough time in the day for Minty Paws. Every day’s a new adventure for this “No Fear” Shoppet! There’s so much she want to get her paws into. Her Shopkin - Crystal Snowflake is always telling her to chill before she has a meltdown. But Minty Paws has too many places to explore with her tribe!

Hip Hip Hamster

Hip Hip Hamster knows every Shoppet’s birthday and loves to plan “The Most Awesome Party Ever” for every one of them! Whether it’s a surprise, costume, dance or fairy party, this party animal has it covered! Along with her Shopkin Harry Hamsterball they decorate to make it great so every one can celebrate!

Pupkin Cake

Pupkin Cake is a pup with a plan. She always takes the lead! Clever and cute her ideas are never half-baked. You can always rely on her to get you out of some tight spots! With her Shopkin Bonetta Cupcake, they are ready to cook up some wild adventures!

Kissy Boo

A Wild Style that stops traffic is what Kissy Boo is all about! Fashion, flair, makeup and hair! That’s what is important to this gem of a Shoppet and her Shopkin - Terri Tennis Ball! This tribe is a “Dream Team” when it comes to pawfect nails and lovely lips!


Duncan love donuts but loves pranking even more! Cheeky and sneaky, he tries to behave but when he sees an opportunity for some trickin’ he can’t help himself! When he gets together with his BFF Coco Anna, the streets of Pawville get even sweeter!