Meet Your Favorite Shopkins Characters

Meet all Shopkins characters and discover some of your favorites from Shopville!

Macy Macaron

All the way from Fabulous France! Come with me on a tour of France with some of my sweetest Shopkins – Mel T Macaron and Stack Le Macarons! Join us as we discover the beauty of Paris. A city of sweet streets and pretty pastries! Ooh La La!

Spaghetti Sue

All the way from pretty Italy! Join me and my two “Bella Besties” - Pia Pasta and Maria Meatballs as we discover masterpieces galore and food you’ll adore. We can share the perfect pasta or a leaning tower of pizza! Ciao!


All the way from the UK! I’ve been having a right royal time hosting high tea parties and popping into palaces with my Shopkins - Princess Sweets and England Rosie! So come and join us and find out what makes Britain so great!


All the way from amazing China! I've been playing with pandas, discovering dragons and climbing the greatest wall of all! So grab a lantern and let’s light up the night as we travel!

Sara Sushi

All the way from beautiful Japan! Join me and my Shopkins for a traditional tea ceremony and share some sushi with my Shopkins cuties while we discover the blossoming beauty of this ancient nation!


All the way from Down Under! Grab your swimsuit and join me and my Shopkins mates as we relax on the beach and explore some reefs! There are so many new Aussie friends to meet during your stay in Australia!

Pinkie Cola

It’s Pinkie Cola! All the way from the U.S of A! 
I’m just buzzing with excitement to say hello. We’re so happy that we’re about to pop our tops! I’m one of the bubbliest Shoppies you’ll meet. You’ll never feel flat when I’m around! Have a nice day! 


Ola Shopkins fans! 
It’s Donatina! All the way from colorful Brazil!
Grab your brightest costume and visit me and my Shopkins for a “hole” lot of Carnival joy! Come samba on the beach or share a coconut treat.

Rosa Piñata

It’s Rosa Piñata! 
All the way from amazing Mexico! Join me and my sweet Amigo Shopkins Piñata Cupcake and Andy Candy as we shower you with smiles! Pop on a Sombrero, do some salsa dancing and share a taco or two!

Petite Paris

Sweet, petite and shimmering, it's time to start chasing after this French tasty treat!

Lil’ Italia

Lil' Italia is a little brain freeze that you would love to have! She is a sweet shimmering cone living inside a dome!

UK Cutie

UK Cutie love to shimmer and sparkle. A precious little jewel, she is rarely seen but when she's found it's worth celebrating!

British Ben

British Ben likes to speak his mind very loudly every hour and is a real stickler for being on time!

Frenchy Tower

Frenchy Tower is an icon of Paris. No matter what part of the city you are in, you can't miss her beaming smile.

Lena Tower

Lena Tower may look wobbly but is steady on her feet. This charming little Italian attracts tourists from around the world.

Jess Jet

A fast, high-flying Shopkin. Jess Jet has her head in the clouds but always knows where she is going!

Carrie Case

Carrie Case can pack a lot into her day! Always on the go, she loves riding on the baggage carousel!

Lil’ Globe

A Shopkin who is always in a spin! Lil' Globe has a world of knowledge.

Caterina Hat

Caterina Hat loves to top off her Spanish friends outfits. She's very broad minded and good at keeping things under her hat.

Claudia Cake

Pretty as a rose and as sweet as sugar, Claudia Cake is a big fan of anything Spanish!

Senorita Shoe

Senorita Shoe has a bit of a hot temper and stamps her feet when she doesn't get her way, but she is a wonderful dancer.

Isabella Ice Cream

When it comes to chills, this Shopkin thrills! Isabella Ice Cream scoops all the awards when it comes to being a sweetie!

Daniella Dress

A free flowing Shopkin who loves to take to the stage. Every move she makes is full of grace.

Gilberto Guitar

A very talented Shopkin who is in tune with himself. Loves to serenade his friends.

Tocky Cuckoo Clock

A very puntual Shopkin who's always on time. Some say she's a bit of a bird brain but really she has mind that works like clockwork!

Hans Accordion

This little accordion's life isn't full of ups and downs, it's full in ins and outs! Life wasn't meant to be squeazy!

Blake Forest Cake

A cake who has a bit of a wild side! He's dark and mysterious. A bit like the forest he comes from.

Poppa Pretzel

A father figure that other Shopkins look up to for advice. Poppa Pretzel loves to dance but usually ends up in knots!

Tess Von Dress

A little dress who likes to do her best. A very caring Shopkin who's always serving others.

Lars Lederhosen

A happy and clappy Shopkin who likes to dance to German music.

Gino Gelati

Cool, colorful and a cone full of fun. Strangly he loves having brain freezes.

Viola Lyn

A classical beauty who is very musical. Loves to play with others. Viola Lyn is a very valued friend. Some say her friendship is priceless!

Bettina Bag

Bettina Bag handles everything with Italian style. Loves the night life and has a passion for fashion!

Luigi Lasagna

A Shopkin who pleases and is covered in cheeses! Luigi Lasagna is layers of fun!

Maria Moped

Maria Moped likes to zip around Italy and always goes faster after a bowl of fresh pasta!

Lola Gondola

A true romantic, life is never rocky when you're with Lola Gondola.

Peppa Ronnie Pizza

Likes to spice things up and even when he feels a little flat, he's still good to have at a party.

Carlo Coffee Pot

A hot headed Italian whose rich and smooth dance moves always impress his friends. It's how he lets off steam!

Bianca Boater Hat

A stylish Italian who loves spending the day under the sun. She's brim full of happiness!

Yvonne Scone

Yvonne Scone is the perfect partner to enjoy tea with. - "God save the cream!"

Kay Cupcake

Morning or afternoon, it doesn’t matter because tea time is any time for this proper Shopkin.

Kingsley Crown

Regal and brave, Kingsley Crown never lets you down! He goes everywhere with a fanfare!

Freddy Fish ‘n’ Chips

A helpful Shopkin who likes to chip in, Freddy loves the seaside but has a huge fear of seagulls.

Majestic Heels

A Shopkin who likes to show support for her country. Majestic Heels is one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion!

High Tea Helen

A Shopkin who loves thrills and spills. Sometimes a bit hot headed but always keeps calm and carries on!

Spencer Sponge

A little light headed, Spencer is a big softy who spends his day serving his country and serving himself at high teas!

Britney Bag

Britney Bag is a very patriotic purse. She's always flying the flag for her country.

Potty Teapot

Potty Teapot goes a little crazy sometimes. If she doesn't let off some steam, she flips her lid!

Chantel Shoe

Chantel Shoe is a real high styler! Usually seen stepping out on the most stylish French Boulavardes. Her heels are unreal!

Babette Baguette

A shy little Shopkin who doesn't like coming out of her bag. Slick Breadstick is always asking her out for a date.

Fluffy Souffle

Upbeat and never flat, this perfect French dessert always rises to the occasion.

Gabriella Grape

Loves to gossip. Gabriella knows all the latest news. She heard it through the grape vine!

Petite Perfume

A small bottle who always makes scents. She may look petite but inside she's very strong!

Pauline Palette

A colorful Shopkin who leaves a big impression. Mixes well with everyone she meets.

Bridgette Bagdot

A stunning little bag who carries herself with style wherever she goes and is ready to handle anything!

Ella Tower Cake

When it comes to sweetness, Ella towers above the rest. She's a true icon of French baking!

Celina Crepe

Celina Crepe is thin and elegant but tends to fold under pressure. Always seen with the smoothest cream!