Get ready to enter Shopkins World!

We love playing with all our amazing Shopkins and Shoppies, so imagine how much fun it would be to play in and discover all the sights of Shopville… That’s exactly what you can do in the Shopkins World App! Oh, my cupcake, this sounds like a HUGE amount of fun!

Explore all the local landmarks in Shopville to complete fun games and earn gold coins. The coins are then exchanged for Shopkins which you add to your My Shopkins Collection in the app! Are you ready to start collecting?

Why don’t you head into the Cupcake shop for a spot of baking; perhaps you’d like to stop by Donatina’s Donut cart or head into Petkins Park for a walk. Of course, the Small Mart is always a fun place to visit – be sure you get all your Shopkins into your bag at the register! There’s also Candy and Homewares stores; and don’t pass up the opportunity in the Cake shop to stack the rainbow cakes for a chance at more gold coins.

The Stationary shop is a great place to visit after you’ve collected a few Shopkins as you can use the Shopkins you’ve collected to create your own Shopville portrait – gasp! Of course, you’ll spot all our fave Shopkins as you move through Shopville including the super adventurous Apple Blossom, the stylish Lippy Lips, our resident funster Cheeky Chocolate, the shy and sensitive Kooky Cookie and many, many more. Plus, a trip to Shopville wouldn’t be the same without the Shoppies and you’ll get to meet plenty of them along the way too.

Check out the Shopkins World App today – good luck with your collection!
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