Have you seen Shopkins Wild yet?!

We’re always onboard for a new Shopkins adventure! The residents of Shopville are constantly on the go and doing something special – their latest tale is of course no different.

As massive fans of “Ava Blade” the gang are super excited when the glamorous movie star that plays the character, Scarletta Gateau, pays a visit to Shopville. First in line for a selfie with their hero and her adorable sidekick, Rubie Blaze, the Shoppies and Shopkins are eager to help when Scarletta recruits them to help save the Shoppets in Pawville. Shoppets…ahhhh…Pawville? Despite not knowing much about either our Shopville friends are always enthusiastic and willing to help – especially when the request comes from their fave movie star Scarletta Gateau!

The Shopkins and Shoppies journey deep into the spooky, untamed jungle in search of Pawville and soon get lost – what have they gotten themselves into, were they blinded by Scarletta’s shining stardom? Thankfully they’re found by the sweet Shoppets who welcome them to Pawville and introduce them to their P-awesome world. Strangely though Pawville and the Shoppets don’t need saving after all – why did Scarletta mislead them and what is she up to?

Join the Shopkins, Shoppies and their new friends the Shoppets as they rally together to solve the mystery of Pawville and see the Shopville gang in their super fun Wild style! Be a part of this fantastic new Shopkins adventure today!


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