How many Mini Packs can you stack?

Shopkins are the ultimate adorable and collectible packaging and there’s more than 80 to find across 11 different departments. Are you looking to stock up on Frozen goodies? Well, head into the Frozen department and pick up a Cool Deserts Mini Pack! In need of a new look for the new season? Well, head into the fashion department and they’ll have you covered with Fashion Hats and Happy Heels Mini Packs.

There’s LOTS of fun to be had with these little vessels after you’ve stocked your Small Mart and one of these activities is something we’ve been busy “working” on at Shopkins HQ. We’ve been challenging each other to build the tallest Mini Packs stacks with varying degrees of success. Of course, there are a couple of rules:

  1. No adhesives can be used to keep the Mini Packs together
  2. You must use different types of Mini Packs for each row

Shopkins Mini Packs

The competition has been quite fierce and we’ve had towers built as high as 17 inches tall. Lucky there’s no breeze at Shopkins HQ! Pool all your Mini Packs together with your friends and challenge each other to see how tall you can make a tower. To add an additional level of difficulty, set a timer and see who can stack their Mini Packs highest in 1 minute. As the time ticks down the shakier your hands get until you’re regretting adding that loaf of bread…

Watch Summer Peaches stacking inside the Small Mart now!

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