Inside the Department: What makes the Fruit & Veg team a lean, green Small Mart machine!?

Combine raw talent, fresh ideas and ap-pealing looks and you’ll discover the Fruit & Veg team! These guys are experts in beats… and beets.


Welcome to the Fruit & Veg Department! This snap-pea team is the heart-vest of the Small Mart and resident to some of the biggest personalities in Shopville. Whether you’re chillin’ with Silly Chilli or looking to give Juicy Orange a squeeze, or sweet on Pineapple Crush as Melonie Pips will tell you, this team is one in a melon!


Strawberry Kiss and Apple Blossom are always at the ready to lend you a hand with all your Fruit & Veg needs, they’re particularly excited about the department’s new Mini Packs. Explore their Squeezed Juice, Crisp Veg and Fresh Fruits Mini Packs to discover which Shopkin could be lurking inside… These guys are masters of a shopping display and are practicing all the latest stacking techniques ahead of the Small Mart reopening.


The Fruit and Veg department have an additional trick up their peel to help drum up more sales. Get on-board with the freshest beets in Shopville, the Fruit & Veg band! Gasp! Discovered and managed by the shrewd Posh Pear this band might just have what it takes to win a prestigious Granny. Last year the Granny Smiths were just a dream but with the right promotion they may finally fruit-slice through the competition and win an award. With Rockin’ Broc’s strawberry banjo, Cherie Tomatoe on bass, Corny Cob’s drum work and the vocal stylings of Sweet Pea this quartet is the biggest thing on the scene since The Beet-les.


Be sure to pay the Fruit & Veg department a visit and you won’t be disappointed. They’re pre-peared to help you make the best choice from their extensive selection. Plus, keep a look out for our exclusive interview with the entire Fruit & Veg band in our Behind the Music special report.

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