Mini Packs 101 – The packaging revolution!

What are these tiny packages? Where did they come from… and what do they contain?


Last season the Shopkins and Shoppies went on an incredible adventure to Pawville, meeting the furry and fabulous Shoppets. Unfortunately, whilst they were away the Small Mart was a bit neglected…and closed down!! How will the gang reignite the Small Mart and bring the shopping hub of Shopville back to life?


Introducing, Mini Packs! These are the ultimate in cute and collectible packaging and there’s more than 80 to find across 11 different departments. Are you looking to stock up on Frozen goodies? Well, head into the Frozen department and pick up a Cool Deserts Mini Pack! In need of a new look for the new season? Well, head into the fashion department and they’ll have you covered with Fashion Hats and Happy Heels Mini Packs.


The fun doesn’t stop there… When you get home open up your Mini Pack to find a Shopkin inside! Gasp! It’s a Collector’s Edition Shopkin that lets you relive the excitement of Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Be on the lookout for all your faves from Strawberry Kiss to Taco Terrie in their original looks, embossed with an incredible collector’s stamp to identify their originating season. Did you find a Limited Edition Crystal Shopkin? Well, we’d love to see it so take a snap and share it on social! There’s 5 of these rare Shopkins to collect, where are they hiding?


We’re expecting your trolley to fill up pretty quick so do give the helpful Small Mart team a shout to give you a hand. Strawberry Kiss and Apple Blossom are bound to have the best tips on the Fruit & Veg department, hit up Lippy Lips for all the best buys in Health & Beauty, drop by the Sweet Treats team where Cheeky Chocolate has the 411, and the unique wisdom of Kooky Cookie will be on stand-by for your Bakery needs. It’s all about the super sweet and fun packaging this season so check out Mini Packs today!

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