Welcome Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips to the SPK Newsroom!

They’re cute, they’re collectible…they’re the O.G.’s of SV (Original Goodies of Shopville)! We sat down with two of your all-time fave Shopkins to hear more about Season 10’s incredible Collector’s Edition.

SPK News:             Welcome to the SPK Newsroom, Apple Blossom and Lippy Lips!!

Apple Blossom: Thank you!

Lippy Lips:            It’s a pleasure to be here.

SPK News:             We’re so thrilled to have two icons of Shopville here. How are you feeling on the eve of Season 10?

Lippy Lips:            Icons? Well, yes if you insist.

Apple Blossom: I’m so excited about Season 10, I can’t wait for everyone to see the amazing surprises we have in stall…

SPK News:             Indeed, this is one of the most anticipated Shopkins seasons ever! I understand you’re keeping a few…lil’ secrets up your sleeves.

Lippy Lips:            We’re under a strict code of secrecy there…but we’d love to tell you about the Collector’s Edition Shopkins.

Apple Blossom: Oh yes, let’s!

Lippy Lips:            Apple…

Apple Blossom: Lippy!

Lippy Lips:            Apple?

Apple Blossom: Yes, Lippy.

Lippy Lips:            Can you tell everyone? I need to reapply.

Apple Blossom: For you Lippy, always.

See, we’ve had so much fun on our many adventures in the last few seasons, from Chef Club, to World Vacation and of course we recently just returned from Pawville. Well, we figured it was time to celebrate being home in Shopville and focus on what makes us happy!

Lippy Lips:            Beauty how-to videos!

Apple Blossom: Well, yes…and working together in the Small Mart and spending time with all our Shopkin friends!

SPK News:             So, what does this mean?

Apple Blossom: This season’s Collector’s Edition will feature everyone’s favorite Shopkins from seasons 1, 2 and 3 in their original looks!

Lippy Lips:            They’re original and stylish look, well, when it comes to me anyway. Obviously, I can pull off any fashion trend, can’t I Apple?

Apple Blossom: Lippy has incredible style, everyone thinks so, just ask her!

Lippy Lips:            It’s true!

SPK News:             Come on, tell us the gossip! Surely there’s one look you didn’t like.

Lippy Lips:            If there was, I’d never tell. These Lippy Lips are sealed!

SPK News:             I’m sure everyone will be thrilled to have their favorite Shopkins back! Definitely a dream for the collectors.

Apple Blossom: Exactly! Plus, not only are the original Shopkins back but they are each embossed with a Collector’s Stamp to show which season they’re from.

Lippy Lips:            They’re the ultimate accessory for every Shopkin. If you’re a Season 1 Shopkin your stamp is gold, Season 2 is silver and Season 3 is bronze. We discussed diamonds for Season 1 but I have so much sparkle already it seemed a bit much.

SPK News:             Yes, of course, Lippy! Oh, may I call you Lippy?

Lippy Lips:            Why, of course, we’re all friends now, right Apple?

Apple Blossom: Definitely! You’re welcome in Shopville anytime. And, you can call me Apple.

SPK News:             You’ve just made this SPK News reporter’s day…no week…no month…no year!

Lippy Lips:            Awww, aren’t you darling!

SPK News:             Thank you so much for your time! I know all our readers will be incredibly excited to start collecting the new season, after all it’s named after them!

Apple Blossom: Exactly!

SPK News:             Thanks again to my close, personal friends…Apple and Lippy!

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