Gold, silver or bronze? Everyone’s a WINNER with Shopkins Collector’s Edition!

Shopkins - Season 10 Collector's Edition

Here at SPK HQ, the excitement hits fever pitch when a new season of Shopkins is unveiled. We’ve been beavering away for months to deliver the ultimate in SPK feels and this season is BIGGER…or perhaps we should say majorly MINI-er than any season before. The sensational Mini Packs are here (hello, stacking heaven), plus we’ve reissued all your favorite Shopkins from Seasons 1, 2 and 3! Gasp!

Shopkins from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 include some of the coolest, the cutest and the most collectible characters in all of Shopville. Where would we be without the likes of Kooky Cookie, Corny Cobb and Taco Terrie; to name just 3 of your faves returning in their original form for this Collector’s Edition season. In true Shopkins style,there’s another level of collectability and magic…so each of the Shopkins is embossed with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Collector’s stamp which denotes their originating Season. Ahhhh, gasp! Rockin’ Broc wears a Gold ‘Season 1’ stamp, Cupcake Chic’s Silver ‘Season 2’ stamp adds a certain jene sais quoi and Mixie & Maxie are working their Bronze ‘Season 3’ stamp-stylish!

Are you ready to collect all of the sensational Collector’s Edition Shopkins this season? Gold, Silver or Bronze, you’ll always be on a winner!

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