Lil Secrets Secret Lock – Princess Hair Salon


Unlock a world of tiny Party Pop Up surprises when you crack the code and open up your Secret Lock Mini Playset! Each lock has a combination – use your exclusive invitation to crack the code and reveal tiny worlds full of Lil’ Secrets! Collect all six Secret Locks! Use your invitation to open the lock to The Princess Hair Salon. Get some sweet royal style for the big party from Bubbleisha and one of her stylish Shopkins. Discover all the styling secrets hidden inside her lock and get the perfect hair-do!

  • All New Playsets to explore!
  • Get ready for the Party Pop Ups Series! Parties are popping up all over Shopville and you’re exclusively invited!
  • Crack the code and unlock hidden tiny worlds!
  • Features a throne elevator and hair dryers for a fab new hair style
  • Includes Teeny Shoppie Bubbleisha and 1 tiny Shopkin – will you get Harriet Hairdryer or Royal T Shampoo?

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