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Lil Secrets Secret Locket – Wonderland Picnic


Discover the secrets of the magical lockets and unlock a miniature world of party surprises! Be amazed at what the Teeny Shoppies and their Tiny Shopkins find inside their shop lockets! There are so many things to play with and surprises to discover! You are invited to picnic with Queenie Hearts inside her Wonderland locket. Discover what the smiling cat is hiding and open up a mini world that will amaze you! With so many secrets to discover. What will you find in the picnic basket and which Tiny Shopkin will you meet? This Locket really is a place of wonder!

  • All New Playsets to explore!
  • Get ready for the Party Pop Ups Series! Parties are popping up all over Shopville and you’re exclusively invited!
  • Crack the code and unlock hidden tiny worlds!
  • Inside your locket is a tiny world to explore! With parties to go to and stores to explore!
  • Discover a Tiny Shopkin inside! Which one will you get?
  • Six lockets to collect. Wear them and take the fun wherever you go!

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