You’re always in style with SPK!

As style, beauty and lifestyle influencers, the Shoppies know how to put the perfect look together! Naturally, they needed their very own Instagram account to share all their wisdom…sooooo, we created one for them. Gasp!


At @StyledBySPK you’ll find all the latest on-trend Shopkins products along with tips and tricks on finding your own unique style. Just like you, our Shopkins and Shoppies each have their own hobbies and dreams, likes and dislikes and they love to celebrate everything that makes them, them and of course super special. Maybe you want to express your style like Jessicake with a cupcake headband, or perhaps you’re a fan of waffle cone shoes like the chilled out Peppa Mint? Or, maybe, just maybe, you really just want to be comfy…that sounds more like the SPK News team’s speed for sure!

Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find it at @StyledBySPK – from pyjamas to baseball caps, swimsuits to bags, and tops to sunnies! Have you got the feels for Unicorn style? Perhaps Mystabella can give you some tips, let’s face it, her wings make her style totally fly! Are you inspired by dance? Pirouetta’s got the style tips for you – “You want to sparkle on stage but you also need to be practical. So, your style has to allow you to twirl and jump as much as you want.”

Of course, you might just want to mix things up a bit! Maybe you feel like sharing your wild style on Mondays, Tuesdays can be for dance, Wednesdays you like to cook (maybe something sweet), Thursdays can be for unicorn style, Fridays are for rainbows and the weekends are a mash-up of everything. There’s so many different styles to explore, we’re having a blast sharing all the fun ideas – come check us out today!